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A website for materials on science and engineering.

Montogue Quiz is a website created to provide students with free materials on a variety of science and engineering topics. The website was created by me, Lucas Monteiro Nogueira, in late 2019. I am proud to say that Montogue Quiz offers over 150 PDFs and 3500 fully solved problems on topics ranging from geotechnical engineering to biofluid mechanics, genetics to digital electronics, and more to come. Problems are solved step by step, and I always try to ensure that our problem solutions are reviewed by a professor or at least compared to an equivalent solution on Chegg, Course Hero, or an official solutions manual.

Always free. Funded by students.

All materials in Montogue Quiz are free, and will remain as such in the future. However, I do ask fellow students who like our materials to contribute as little as $2 to help fund expenses such as research work and WordPress hosting. We accept US dollar and four other currencies.
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